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Hammond Gamble - Recollection


Recollection is the title of the 2006 Hammond Gamble album - his first in quite a while and his best. It should be, it's a distillation of some of the outstanding songs from a career that goes back to the '70s, when the guitarist and singer first set Kiwi rock fans back on their heels with his electrifying performances.

Recollection manages to be electrifying without using much electricity. The 12 songs on it represent a cross-section of Hammond Gamble's songwriting history, from Leaving the Country, his nearly hit from the late '70s, through Midnight, Should I Be Good or Should I Be Evil and If You've Got Love Give Me Some, a song that Joe Cocker recorded.

The new album is part of the Liberation "Blue Acoustic Series", which sees established singer/songwriters revisiting their own back catalogues with new acoustic versions of their songs. For the collection, Gamble put together a top-notch band featuring guitarist Mike Caen, his old onstage sparring partner from back in the day with legendary Kiwi rock band Street Talk.


Hammond Gamble - Recollection 2006